Jim & Ginny Barnard's 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Our parents celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary with family and friends with a surprise dinner cruise aboard Raquette Lake Navigation Co.'s "W. W. Durant"

The three hour cruise (with Gilligan's Island nowhere in sight)
was enjoyed immensely by all.

The 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake!Jim & Ginny Cutting the Anniversary Cake\


Jim, Ginny & Mrs StreeterMrs Bovee, Mrs. Parker, & Mr. Parker;  Mr. & Mrs. Streeter in foreground

This is so relaxing, Maybe I'll just take a quick nap...
Dad & Mom

The Barnard's and Streeter'sMr. Bovee on left - Head table with friends

Where's the food? - We are ready to get this cruise started!
Brendan, Shaun, Hillary, Adrienne, & Chris

Bruce's sister Cyndi and Fred Langworthy:
Cyndi and Fred
If you take a picture, so help me.....

Bruce's sister Jill Halligan and family:

Michael & Jill HalliganJill & Chris Halligan

Was it really that big mom?
Brendan and Mike Halligan

There sure are some strange sites on this cruise!
Mike & Jill Staring in amazement

Christopher the Youngest!
Cute ChrisChris posing (and moving)

Who says the spark isn't there after half a century?
The Kiss!

Jim & Ginny after the cruise
Jim and Ginny at end of Cruise

The Barnard Family after Cruise:
The Family

Friends of Jim and Ginny that Shared in the Celebration!

Friends Galore!

There are those that have some energy left after the cruise and excitement still abounds!
Kids at playJill & Mike after the cruise

A beautiful closing to a wonderful cruise!

What do you mean... what happened to cousin Brendan?
Hillary Barnard and girls at sunset

We wish to thank Captain and Donna Pohl, owners of Raquette Lake Navigation Company, for their gracious hopitality!

For more information on their cruises, they are  on the internet at: http://www.raquettelakenavigation.com

The Dinig Room of the W. W. Durant